Tuesday, January 03, 2006


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Blogger Paolinetta said...

Dear Yannis,
I love Koufonissia sunset. I have been coming here since 1988 and it's definitely my favourite place in the world. I know that parhaps your blog is not the right place to ask for, but if you live in Koufonissi I am sure you can give me suggestion about this:
I am looking for a villa or apartment to rent in Koufonissi in august (form 12.8 to 1.9). I am lloking for a two or three bedroom house, with kitchen, bathroom and a veranda, possibly in Chora.
Do you know someone that would like to rent a house in these dates?
Thank you.
Best wishes.
Paola Vozza

Paola Vozza
via Brioschi, 26 - 20136 Milano Italia
Tel./Fax +39-02-8395222
Portatile/Mobile Phone +39-348-7939291
e-mail paola.vozza@fastwebnet.it

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Blogger dionysis said...

dear yannis,
poly lypamai pou fetos de tha eimaste mazi...
Anti gia ta KALAMIA to Amvourgo tha plaisiwsei to kalokairi mou..
Eyxomai kai ayto to kalokairi na perasete kala!! Elpizw na kataferw na klepsw 2 meres kai na 'rthw na sas dw!!! filia!!
-summer 2006 kalamia-

9:27 am  

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